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One Piece Card Game - Premium - PRB-01 Display box JAP *PREORDER*

One Piece Card Game - Premium - PRB-01 Display box JAP *PREORDER*

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*** RELEASE DATE: August 5th-12th 2024***

Reprints of many popular cards from OP01 to OP06 and includes new parallel illustrations created for this pack!
Introducing the special DON!! Cards designed exclusively for this booster pack!

-> Each Booster Pack contains 6 cards
-> Each Booster Display contains 10 Booster Packs


  • Leader x1
  • Common x23
  • Uncommon x25
  • Advertising card x4
  • Rare x21
  • Super rare x27
  • Secret Rare x8
  • DON!! Card x30
  • 109+30 card type

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