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Lorcana - Into the Inklands - Amber/Emerald Starter Deck - ITA\ENG

Lorcana - Into the Inklands - Amber/Emerald Starter Deck - ITA\ENG

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Become an Illuminator and wield magical ink to summon glimpses of Disney characters. Together with your team, you will challenge opposing Illuminati as you race to collect scattered intelligence.

To play Lorcana each player will need a deck of sixty cards. Ready-to-play starter decks contain a preconstructed deck with a specific card list. If you're new to trading card games or want to try the game with a deck designed and tested by Team Lorcana, this is a good place to start.

What does a Lorcana Disney Into the Inklands Amber/Emerald Starter Deck contain?

1 Starter Deck (60 cards), including 2 foil character cards on the front of the box
11 Damage Tokens
1 paper mat
1 paper track token
1 Regulation
1 pack (12 randomized cards)

*** Packaging and shipping times ***
At the moment packaging times is 1 day.
Delivery times within Italy are 1-2 days, while in other EU countries delivery times are 3-5 days.

*** Do you have any question? ***
Feel free to contact us via email or whatsapp (we can chatting in ENG or ITA)

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