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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Box FS-03 ENG PREORDER

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Box FS-03 ENG PREORDER

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*** RELEASE DATE: 23th February, 2024***

Since 2017, Dragonball Super Card Game has brought players incredible battles, always evolving with exciting new gameplay elements! From 2024, a brand new DBSCG experience is coming!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game that players have enjoyed since 2017 will continue in MASTERS, while FUSION WORLD offers a welcoming environment for new players: easy to learn, hard to master! These two Dragon Ball Super Card Game titles will expand the gaming area, connecting even more Dragon Ball fans! Players can rest assured that cards from the current game will remain playable in MASTER. There will be a physical and digital version for FUSION WORLD to choose from. Fusion World will be available in physical and digital versions for fans, with the digital version allowing players to battle each other across the world at any time!


Start playing with one of these decks! Each deck has its own theme and characters! The Leader and three types of Super Rare cards have a foil design. All decks include a promotional code for in-game items in the digital version!

The FS03 Starter Deck contains:

Ready to play 51 card deck x1
Energy Marker x1
Game sheet x1
Alternative Design Card Pack (1 card included) x1

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