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Altered: Beyond the Gates Starter Deck Display (6) PREORDER

Altered: Beyond the Gates Starter Deck Display (6) PREORDER

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*** RELEASE DATE: September 13th 2024***

Play your first game and learn the rules of the game with starter decks. They contain everything you need to begin your adventure in a world changed by a magical storm.

Starter decks are perfect for new players and are ready to play right out of the box.

Once you learn to use the potential of your deck and feel a bit more confident, you can customize it with rare and unique cards that you will find in special packs called boosters.

You can choose from 6 heroes, you can play as:

Akesha - a talented scholar from the Yzmir faction. They protect humanity from dangers, hoping to prevent another cataclysm.

Sigismar the Strategist - a charismatic general from the Ordis faction. Take command of the Legion and secure victory with numerical superiority!

Teija the Druidess - animal protector from the Muna faction. Strengthen your allies through patience and generosity and reap the rewards of your good deeds. They are always rewarded!

Nevenka'e the Artist - the ruler of both talent and luck from the Lyra faction. As wandering artists, they put freedom and emotions at the center of their existence.

Kojo the Runner - a rising star from the Bravos faction. As great adventurers, they look to the future, because everyone should always overcome their own limitations to survive and win.

Sierra - a famous scientist from the Axiom faction. Will technology play an important role in this world?

Altered TCG: Starter Deck Display (6) contains 6 decks, each containing:

  • 39 Altered cards + 1 Hero card,
  • 6 token cards,
  • 5 Adventure cards (1 Hero Region, 1 Companion Region, 3 Tumult),
  • 2 help cards
  • 1 new player card,
  • 1 Foiler card,
  • 15 markers.

Don't forget to scan your cards and add them to your digital collection!

*** Packaging and shipping times ***
At the moment packaging times is 3 day.
Delivery times within Italy are 1-2 days, while in other EU countries delivery times are 5-7 days.

*** Do you have any question? ***
Feel free to contact us via email or whatsapp (we can chatting in ENG or ITA)

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