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LORCANA - 65 Sleeves - Set 5 Aladdin\Logo Lorcana\Tiana

LORCANA - 65 Sleeves - Set 5 Aladdin\Logo Lorcana\Tiana

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*** RELEASE DATE: August 23th 2024***

Price guaranteed until July 06th 2024

After the great fear, the relief of a grand celebration! Visit a radiant Illuminarium of joy in Shimmering Skies, the fifth set of Lorcana: join the grand event by stocking up on Booster Packs from the set!

  • 65 sleeves for Standard-sized cards
  • Matte rough texture and Disney Lorcana-themed artwork
  • You can choose between Tiana, Lorcana Logo and Aladdin Illustration!

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At the moment packaging times is 3 day.
Delivery times within Italy are 1-2 days, while in other EU countries delivery times are 5-7 days.

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