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Star Wars Unlimited - Spark of Rebellion Starter Deck 2 player ENG\ITA PREORDER

Star Wars Unlimited - Spark of Rebellion Starter Deck 2 player ENG\ITA PREORDER

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*** RELEASE DATE: March 8th, 2024 ***

Star Wars: Unlimited is a collectible card game in which each player takes on the role of a leader, a legendary character from the Star Wars universe, intent on destroying his opponent's base thanks to the support of his forces. These forces are represented by a deck of 50 cards, which contains units, events and improvements.
This two-player starter contains everything you need to learn how to play: two complete decks, a guide, tokens and much more. Inside this box you will also find a complete set of 10 exclusive cards, which you won't be able to find anywhere else!
Also suitable for those who are not looking for the collecting aspect of the game but a simple and quick board game for two players!

Each match takes place over a series of rounds. During the Action Phase of each round, players play cards from their hand that they will use to attack their opponent's base and units. Once the Action Phase is over, we move on to the Reorganization Phase, in which players draw cards, accumulate resources and prepare the units to prepare them for the next round of battle. During the first rounds of each game the leader will limit himself to passively influencing the battle, but there will come a time when he will enter the fray as a powerful unit.

Each base starts with 30 HP (hit points). Whoever manages to reduce his enemy's base to 0 hit points wins the game!

CONTENTS: 110 Cards (two pre-constructed Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader decks), 40 Tokens, 1 Quick Start Guide, 2 Playmats/Posters, 2 Folded Deck Boxes.

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At the moment packaging times are between 3 and 5 days.
Delivery times within Italy are 1-2 days, while in other EU countries delivery times are 2-3 days.

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